Services we Provide

As a unique service provider to the various kind of Industry areas, we have gathered in one place most of the Industrial Services you may need.

In some areas we are also specialized in industrial special equipment supply as well as high quality and standard of industrial accessories.

Our Philosophy:

" We think together, We work together, We win together... "


Trading Services are divided to two areas:


1. Industrial Equipment Trading - Vessels, Heaters, Chillers, Valves,

    Regulators, Pumps

   Special Equipment for special process requirements


2. Industrial Accessories Trading - Gaskets, Bolts, Nuts, Strainers,

    Tubes, pipe fittings, Spectacle Blinds, Spacer Rings

    Accessories which we can deliver from local stock within days


Our Consultancy Department has gathered the leading and experienced engineers and Consultants in field of Energy, Natural Gas, HVAC, LPG, CNG, LNG, Cogeneration and is well familiar with the Codes, Regulations and Standards locally and worldwide.

Guided by its huge experience in the operation and Construction to bring its Customers the best guidelines, Consultancy programs and engineering. 


Our Operating Division gathering the leading, experienced and qualified service and construction team in the field of Natural Gas, all Pressure and Flow ranges.

The team is well equipped, 24/7 availability and with an high level of experience and knowledge to be able to solve any problems you may face.