Engineering and Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Department has gathered the leading and experienced engineers and Consultants in field of Energy, Natural Gas, HVAC, LPG, CNG, LNG, Cogenaration and is well familiar with the Codes, Regulations and Standards locally and worldwide.

Guided by its huge experience in the operation and Construction to bring its Customers the best guidelines, Consultancy programs and engineering. 

We Believe that EXPERIENCE is not "everything" ...

It is "the Only thing".

You may invited to taste...

Oil and Gas
  • Investment Technical/financial Engineering survey

  • Natural Gas system Engineering

  • Operational Consultancy

  • Code, Standards and regulation consultancy services

  • Systems Audit Approval and reports

  • SII Natural Gas system requirement review and audit

  • NGA Standards and requirements consultancy services

  • Operational saving procedures implementation

  • Engineering services for Natural Gas systems and equipment

  • International certificates, qualification and approvals

  • More than 15 years of experience locally and overseas

  • Foreign consultancy services - Audit, Reports, recommendations, Code comply

  • Natural Gas, LPG, CNG, LNG Transportation, Distribution, Storage and upgrade Systems Consultancy

Heat and HVAC
  • Heating System Review and Audit

  • Energy Balancing and Efficiency Management Consultancy Services

  • Cold/Hot Energy storages

  • Power Plants and Cogeneration

  • "Energy Boxes" - Electricity, cooling and heating

  • Industry Energy efficiency management programs

  • Strategic Consultancy Services

  • Energy saving solutions

  • Multidiscipline energy system design

  • Supervision Reports

  • More than 20 Years of experience locally

  • Feasibility Study and Reports

  • Local Regulations and Codes comply

  • Investment risk assessments

  • On going audit services

  • Project financing Vs. Technical progress

  • Management reports