About Us

In order to be meet the high requirements and qualifications in the Natural Gas Business,  as well as to answer the Industrial companies service and equipment support, Melkam Group has gathered the leading team in the Israeli Natural Gas Business to one division – the Melkam Group – and which is composed of a well experienced and qualified Mechanical/Process Engineers, Certified according to the European German Institute – DVGW – in the highest qualification level, known for years in the successful project design and execution, especially in the Natural Gas Business, in Israel.

The team is a self-independent division which has the local capabilities for Design, Engineering, Drawings and Construction of Energy and NG systems as required.

Our capabilities are based on In-house facilities – Offices, Workshop, Service Center and Trading Inventory – all are Certified and Qualified and which are all located in Israel.

In addition Melkam has joined with the leading foreign, highly experienced Station Building Company – CeH4 GmbH, which has also a huge experience in the Israeli market, to be supported, backed up and guided through the construction works, Engineering, Service and Operation phases and for additional the final certification requirements for every project you may need.

Melkam Group is acting in the field of Energy providing services of Construction, Design, Consulting, Trading and Maintenance under one Innovative Group.






Our Trading Department is well connected to the worldwide leading Manufacturers and Traders and thus can find quick solutions for immediate demand of parts and Equipment.

We have a local stock of common parts and Equipment like Gaskets, Pipe Fittings, Valves, Special Instruments etc.


Our Consultancy Department has gathered the leading and experienced engineers and consultants in field of Eenergy, Natural Gas, HVAC, LPG, CNG, LNG, Cogeneration and is well familiar with the Codes, Regulations and Standards locally and worldwide.

Guided by its huge experience in the operation and Construction to bring its Customers the best guidelines, Consultancy programs and engineering. 

Service & Construction

Our Operating Division gathering the leading, experienced and qualified service and construction team in the field of Natural Gas, all Pressure and Flow ranges.

The team is well equipped, 24/7 availability and with an high level of experience and knowledge to

be able to solve any problems you may face.